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Master the following methods to use the laminating machine.

26 de marzo de 2021

The temperature of the pressing roller of themáquina de laminadois tracked and sampled by the sensor and corrected by the computer at any time; the adjustment of the composite pressure adopts the load cam mechanism, and the pressure can be adjusted. The trowel roller set is basically the same as the composite roller set, that is, it is composed of a stainless steel plate pressure roller and a silicone pressure roller, but does not require heating equipment.
The important function of the smoothing roller set of the laminating machine is: the surface smoothness is not high after the dipping plastic film is combined with newspaper printing through the composite roller set, and the surface smoothness is obtained by the second extrusion processing of the smoothing roller set inside. And the adhesive tensile strength is greatly improved.

máquina de laminado

1. The transmission system of the laminating machine. The transmission system is a DC servo motor with a large output power of the automatic control system, based on a three-stage chain transmission, to promote the fitness exercise and the composite part of the paper feeding mechanism and the rotation of the silicone pressure roller of the troweling mechanism. The pressure roller group maintains proper working pressure under the action of unregulated pressure.
2. Computer automatic system of laminating machine. The automatic control system uses a microcontroller, and the system settings are composed of a main board, a digital technology function key board, a protection board, a power supply board, and an AC servo motor power drive board.